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About Me

A Professional Engineer, I am idealistic and enthusiastic about things that interest me. I am opinionated and strong minded, but will back down immediately in the face of clear logic.  Conversely, I will not be persuaded by the illogical or political. I have a strong sense of justice and fairness. I am adventurous and love people and travel.  The older I get, the more skeptical I become; I suppose this is natural - its called wisdom.
My Roots

I was born in a small village called Tottington in Lancashire, UK,  - most villagers worked at the textile finishing mill or small Engineering firms.

As a boy, I was attracted to science, engineering, and aeroplanes. When 9 yrs old, I built a TRF radio receiver, and from then on, I knew exactly what I wanted to be: an Electronics Engineer. My room became my lab, full of projects I had constructed. 

When aged 12, we moved to Cheshire and I got a place at Lymm Grammar School, and then on to Higher Education. 

At the age of 22, armed with my diploma, I headed south to seek my fortune as an Electronic Design Engineer, in the "white heat" boom of the defense industry, to save us all from the Russians ... 

My Prime

 Later having settled in the south of England, I fairly soon set up a company and worked free lance as an Electronics Design Engineer. I worked all over the UK plus two years in Holland. I designed a lot of analog and digital electronics, and became particularly interested in State Machines and logic arrays.

In 1983, having always been fascinated by aeroplanes, I learned to fly and gained a PPL. For the next 20 odd years this became my main recreational interest - see hobbies page.

in 1987, following market demand, I did an M.Sc in software and systems and then went to America for a couple of years in the mid west. There, I led a team of 12 engineers for the C17 Aircraft EPCU program, which was valuable experience.

For the next ten years I worked as a contractor again, including a spell in Italy. Maths Modelling, Systems Design and Software - mainly ADA in the defense industry.  

In 2000, due to the new IR35 taxation rules I decided to stop contracting and started my foray into new Technology start up ventures, working as an independent consultant and some teaching.

In between all this life was full of ski-ing in the winter, flying in the summer and in 2003 I fulfilled an ambition to go travelling. see travel page.