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Agency Agreements


I require you to sign a Service Agreement, which includes a competency check. It can be downloaded (see bottom of this page, pdf file). If you can't sign it, then I will not use you.

The competancy check is also seperated out "Basic Knowlege of the Engineering Profession" - I sugest you start there. This filters out low life salesmen.

Once you have signed it and I am satisfied as to your competence, I might then send you a package, consisting of an up to date CV, targeted on the position you have contacted me about, plus supporting documents : qualifications, professional affiliations and identity.

I require you to do this in order that you agree and understand the Service I require from you, behaviour I will not tolerate and other requirements regarding expenses and interviews.  Please note I am fully aware of the UK:  

I forbid any Agency to hold documents or information relating to myself, without my written permission. If I find out you have information about me I shall not hesitate to report you to the Information Commissioner and also the Police under 

Also note: if I find out that any agency has bought or sold my CV, contrary to section 55 of the Data Protection Act 1998, I shall report you to the Police and ICO. 

Please note I maintain a spreadsheet of agencies. So do not think that if you wait 6 months, then I will have forgotton: I do not.
Banned Agencies

I will have nothing to do with the following agencies, due to bad behaviour or unable to pass competency test and sign service agreement.

Modis International
Evolution Recruitment Solutions Ltd

G4 Recruitment Ltd

G2 Recruitement Ltd
PDQ Engineering Recruitment Ltd
Platform Recruitment
Vivid Resourcing Ltd
Real Time Recruitment Solutions
Juice Resource Solutions
Incite Recruitement Solutions
Baxter Hall Recruitment
IO Associates
ROC Search
King Tutors
First Tutors
Edgeware Associates
Parker White Consulting
Avanti Recruitment Ltd

Complaints to the ICO

Please note, I now issue section 11 notices to Agencies who do not sign my Service Agreement and then continue to hold details on their systems and contact me, when requested not to. See ICO communication below.

Are agencies out of control after deregulation

Incompetent Agencies

Since deregulation in 1997, agencies are full of incompetent, arrogant people, of low intelligence, who know absolutely zero about engineering and its profession. Who are corrupt and frauds. That is why I insist on a Service Agreement with a competency check.  


Companies I welcome direct contact, but please note, I do not attend CBI or CBBI interviews, or do psychometric testing, or on line tests, or personality assessments or any other unscientific psychology based nonsense. 

I only attend classical technical interviews of the type we have been doing for hundreds of years.

Also please note, I no longer waste time and effort, filling in application forms. You cannot put 40 years experience into a form - when a perfectly good CV has all the details and is perfectly adequate.  If you wish me to notorise my CV, then I am happy to do so.

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