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I am available for consulting in the following areas:
  • Design Methods to ISO9001
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Circuit and Systems analysis and design
  • Problems with system dynamic range
  • Problems extracting signals from noise
  • Complete Projects, including:
    • Systems,
    • Software and hardware -
    • Analogue design (inc. RF),
    • Logic design, state machines, etc.
    • Power systems
  • Maths Modelling, Simulation
  • Algorithm Development
  • Signal processing, State Space Control
  • Project audits, Design Reviews
  • Technology training, Tuition
My charges depend on the nature of the project and work involved: the longer the project, the lower the unit cost. Working from home I can quote for a fixed price or a daily rate. Call me for a quote.

Philip Robinson,
25 Jun 2020, 03:49