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Professional Experience


I have  over 35 years of experience as a Professional Engineer. I started my career at a time when there was a huge demand for Electronic Engineers, largely as a result of the cold war, and demand for people in the defense industry was high. 

I soon set up a company and worked as a free lance electronic design engineer, all over the UK and also two years in Holland for ASM Lithography, working on semi-conductor wafer steppers.

In 1987, following the market demand for software and systems engineers, I retrained and was recruited by Sundstrand in the USA. There I led a team of 12 engineers for the C17 electric power system. 

I returned to the UK in 1990, and for the next ten years, I worked as a contractor again and seemed to be in demand for Maths Modelling, Systems Design and Software - mainly ADA in the defence industry. 

In 2000, due to the new IR35 taxation rules, I decided to stop contracting and started my foray into new Technology start up ventures, working as an independent consultant and doing some teaching. 

Recently i have been doing quite a bit of teaching in FE colleges and privately in Universities, to mainly overseas students struggling with their courses.

Technical Background

Electronic System design
Circuit design and Analysis
Maths modelling, Simulation
Algorithm Development 
Software design, Programming
Data networks and traffic queuing theory
Analysis of Multi-access Protocols
Digital Signal processing, Pattern Recognition, Estimation Theory
Classical & Modern State Space Control
Transmission lines and 2 port networks
RF Systems


Space and satellite systems
Aerospace and Defence Systems
Data communications
Semi-conductor industries
Medical Electronics

Management and Leadership

Team leader of mixed discipline teams
ISO9001 quality procedures
Top down design methodologies, documentation and modern tools
PDR, CDR, Design reviews and presentations
Project planning, resource estimates, budgets.

Teaching and Tuition

High School level up to first degree level. Maths, Physics, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Data Communications, Telecommunications, Modern Control, DSP

International Experience

I have worked in Holland for ASM lithography, Italy for Laben SpA, Germany for Nord Micro and the USA for Hamilton Sundstrand.

CV and Consultancy

I have lots of CV versions. Some like it short, some like it long, here is one at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to view, however I forbid anyone to download or copy without my permission and refer you to section 11, 1998 Data Protection Act. Agencies please note: you must sign my Service Agreement; otherwise you are wasting your time contacting me.

I welcome direct contact by companies and private individuels for consultancy and training.

Philip Robinson,
2 Jun 2017, 08:04