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Like most people I have in my 43 years of motoring experience, owned many cars of different makes.  My first car was an Austin A40. I paid £60 for it (1970), and as a naive 17 year old, was DONE !  According to this site, £60 in 1970 is equivalent to £809 today.
It was a complete heap the A40 - one night I got in it and my foot went through to the road. It was rotten. In the winter, the engine was so clapped out (it admitted to 60,000 miles)  - that it burned a gallon of oil a week, and sometimes needed a tow start around the car park. Three times round the car park, towed by a land rover, (in 2nd gear) would finally coax it into life.  Those were the days! I was a poor apprentice.

My zenith came in my late 40's. I then had a 7 series BMW (E92) - beautiful car, Glacier blue with Dove grey leather. I owned it for ten years, but as the economic realities bit,  with fuel over a pound a litre, and only 22 mpg, I had to say a sad good bye. 

These days I am poor again. No one wants you when of a "certain age of wisdom".  However - I now own one the of the best cars of my life. I only paid £500 for it; its, well, amazing.

Its 14 years old. Everything works. Its smooth and quiet. The paintwork is shiny. It has conservative, refrained styling.  A recent trip to Scotland  returned 40 mpg - its petrol not diesel. Its also not a wee thing with a roller skate under the bonnet. 

What could this be you ask, for £500, (a lot less than my A40 cost) ?

A Honda Accord with the superb 2 litre VTEC engine. Quiet, refined, 143 bhp. 40 mpg on a run using the cruise control.

 This was the first Accord

This is the latest Accord