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I have recently started becoming interested in Politics. This has been due to my anger at recent governments of all flavours.

Whilst in my teens, I was a socialist and could never understand why everyone else wasn't. Surely this was the fair way of doing things?

As I grew older and went out into the world, I realised this was an idealistic dream. There is no equality in nature, rather it is hierarchical, and what's more, people don't want an equal system. However they do want fairness, justice, democracy and equality of opportunity - 'to get on in life'

It's the same with ownership, public versus private. Here we need a mixture. For example we could not imagine a privatised military, or other essentials to the public, such as health and quality education. Hence these are better state owned. 
However in commerce laissez faire  should rule, as well as with taxation, as the economist Adam Smith advocated. The socialist and communist experiments of the 20th century have all failed - yet there are some who still cling on saying "well it wasn't tried properly"

Any remaining doubts I may have had were dispelled after visiting the former Eastern European countries. 

It is the same with education. The socialist comprehensive system has failed in the UK. We used to have a  hierarchical selective system, which used to produce excellent results. It still exists in Germany and Holland. A one school for all system produces poorly educated people. 

The labour party still cling on to this ideology - it fits in with their political philosophy, but many are hippocrits.  The Liberals are weak and see selection as 'unfair'. Whereas the Conservatives are laughing. I used to wonder why? Then I realised its because there is now no competition from Grammar schools, for their privately educated children.

The same thing has happened in our higher education. The whole system has been dumbed down one level to produce more, but of lower standard.

 It reminds me of a song from the 1960's:

"What we need is a great big melting pot, big enough to take the UK and all its got. Keep it stirring for two decades or more, and turn out mediocre people by the score"

So what should we do? 
We should return to our old system before its too late! 

I like many others have joined the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).  Their policies can be seen here

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Philip Robinson,
16 Apr 2015, 02:26