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Private Tutoring

I can Teach You

I am available for private tutoring from A level up to Masters Degree Level which can be done in person or on-line. I charge for travel over 10 miles from home and charge £35 per hour for tuition. I would also be interested in a long term assignment away from home, UK or overseas.

I can help with subject topics that you have not understood - due to poor teaching and power point slides. I can help with assignments and past papers.

The subjects I cover as follows: Maths, Physics, Electronics, Electrical Principles, Data Communications, Signal Processing, Control Theory, Fibre Optics, Mobile Communications, computing. All at A-Level or degree level. I do not normally teach GCSE.

My Approach

Unlike most tutors - (who turn up without preparation, to try and help) - I teach you. At an initial planning session (for which I charge 1/2 my normal rate), we look at the topics/ subjects you have not understood, then make a list and a plan for the subsequent sessions.

I then prepare notes, (which you keep), and explain the content during the session. I include worked examples, and then some other examples for you to try before the next session; this tests your understanding. Subsequently I provide written answers to the problems, BUT only if you have attempted them. Close to exams, or for exam re-sits, we go through past papers, for practice.

Please note: I teach to the understanding, not to the test.

If you want to contact me, then please do so and fill in the form below and return.  As of 2018 I have helped around 40 students with A-level or University courses and they have all passed their exams. They like my classical approach to teaching plus wide international experience.

I will be adding a series of tutorials covering various topics in future. 

Mobile 07914778370

Philip Robinson,
13 Jan 2015, 06:54