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During the last ten years or so, I have several times undertaken some teaching during dips in the market. Teaching can be quite fun and rewarding, however we have gone wrong somewhere since the 1990's ... if you are interested, see my article below.

Since I wrote this piece I have been mainly teaching at University level, privately. I have found that a lot of students are struggling with their courses. 

I think there are two main reasons for this.

Firstly, since higher education has expanded, there are now a lot of students of lower ability and they need a lot of spoon feeding and teaching, not less.

Secondly, I think the quality of teaching has gone also. We need to get back to classical 'chalk and talk' plus interaction. Slide show presentations ARE NOT teaching; they were never designed to be so. We seem to have academic teachers who are mainly interested in filling up fileing cabinates with research papers, and see teaching as an excuse for 'showing off' in front of students.   

My experience teaching this last few years, has confirmed that students struggle with the summary materiel contained within power point slides, whereas they welcome my written notes plus explanation.

Philip Robinson,
30 Mar 2012, 06:27