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Being an adventurous sort, the thought of travelling has always held great appeal. 

When I was a young I didn't have the time or the money to go travelling. I was too busy training to be an Engineer. When in my thirties I was now earning plenty, but of course did not have the time, plus there was the thought "if I go on holiday, think of all the money I will be loosing" This was always the dilemma: when you have the time you have no money and when you have money you have no time, and the two are mutually exclusive. 

My chance came in 2001. One of the start up companies I had been involved in had folded or was about to. I also had my house up for sale in Tetbury when suddenly I got a buyer and completed the sale quickly. 

So there I was, not much work around, time on my hands and funds in the bank. I was also single again, so there could never be a better time.  My stuff was in storage and I was staying at a friends house, so one day I walked into Trail Finders in Birmingham and drew a route round the world on the map. 

The agent spent nearly all afternoon with me trying different options, and by the end of the afternoon I had a purchased a round the world ticket that would last a year and allow travel to four continents with four internal trips per continent, 16 flights around the world for the grand total of £1700. 

I left that August on my great adventure. My rough en-route flying route was as follows: London - Rio - Santiago - Sidney - Auckland - Cape Town - Nairobi - London. 
This doesn't include side trips overland and other internal flights I took, but gives the jist of the trip which basically covered the southern hemisphere. 

I was away about 8 -9 months and had a great adventure. I have a write up somewhere but need to find it and will then put it on here since my memory of the trip is fading. 

Later in the mid 2000's I spent several months roaming around the old Eastern Europe and attempted starting a software company out there. 

I still have the travel bug and would love to travel down through Central America into South America and do the bits I missed last time, then island hop across the pacific, up through the Philippines and Indonesia, China, Asia, Russia and then back through Scandinavia.

Stop press: dreaming of China. A good web site I found is Travel Dave